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Wiz Stud in for all types of wrestling and friends
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wizstud Male 37 Bisexual Workout Buddy
Hi guys, handsome, cute, brainy guy here having good stud body. I am interested in all types of wrestling be it nhb, sumo, greeco/collegiate, sumbission, oil, erotic, pro, sambo, nude etc. If you are coming around to my place give me a yell and I am sure I will give you best times. I can use any gear to even nude. Man enough? Face me on the mats. Waiting to show you what it takes to be a man and to wrestle! :-) Long sweat Hot hard fought matches wanted. Can you match me? Flexible for all. Include your pic and email (till I become premium - which I will once I am satisfied with service) in message. Thanks
New York New York

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