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sprtfan39 Male 53 Other Submission Wrestling
Easy goin guy here, really into working out/wrestling! Am a novice wrestler, like to get down at grapple, but want to learn more! Am open to anyone that wants to show me the ropes, ya know?! Looking for MUSCULAR.. in shape guys! Love to give my best, am open to erotic, submission, squash/domination, wrestle for fun, just about anything really!!!! I love giving BUT love recieving sleepers, fig 4, leg/head scissors, chest smothers!!!! LOVE being smothered w/muscle!!!!! pecs,pits, arms, calves, thighs, etc. Also looking for in shape guys who love to hit the gym, looking for workout buddies and wants to make great friends!!!! Lets hit it man, hit me up guys!!
Los Angeles California
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