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qwresbdy1 Male 39 Gay Open to all
It’s all in fun ( no injuries) but I love rough pro/sub styles and the rougher the better. I like match with huge muscled guy who can beating me down, putting me through multiple painful submission holds, making me squirm and beg. Be careful: Not easy guy there! You will need to use all your stamina! ;) Like verbal humiliation and physical domination. Heel/Top vs Jobber/bottom, ; squash jobs, or Pro, or Promission / Give&Take. Also into muscle play and muscle worship. Lookin for more than wrestling sometimes: i like erotic and sex fight too. Favorite subs are crabs, camels, racks, scissors, sleepers... Love , cobra clutches, headlocks, chokes, full nelsons, arm bars, body slams, suplex, throws against the wall,real hard slams especially powerbombs, piledrivers, backbreakers, etc.
Paris France

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