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Sup men, looken for some
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leatherboypup Male 40 Gay Submission Wrestling
Sup men, looken for some real quality masculine and athletic men out there to get hot and sweaty on the mats. Looken for athletic, in shape guys for some hard submission style wrestling. No fakes please, this isnt just about sex either (though, i do play for stakes every now and then). Really interested in finding another athletic regular wrestling bud and buddies to train in the gym as well. im hardcore when it comes to lifting and finding guys who know that the weight room is not social hour are right up my alley. Think ur man enough to take me? im a nice guy and all but ill kick ass. im an aggressive little studpuppy and i wont back down from a fight. Hit me up! Things i get into besides wrestling include leather and bdsm. Wrestle for top or stakes here. Would like to meet other guys who like combining wrestling and bdsm but wrestling by itself is great too.
North Chicago Illinois

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