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Retired, but not tired!
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leanonme Male 75 Gay Play wrestling
Would like to meet other men interested in fun/play wrestling, for mutual enjoyment. No pain or injury, but we will test each other's strength; lots of man to man grappling to submission and tap out, or just practicing holds and escapes. We will tailor the match to our abilities and interests. Someone in my approximate size range OR SMALLER if you are younger works best; I especially like smaller lighter men I can lift and roll with; any age is OK with me. This listing is for playful sport wrestling, like we did when we were kids, not a hookup in disguise; I like wrestling with other men but I have an exclusive partner, so if you are looking for a hookup, I am not it. It can seem erotic to you if you like, but I will not be participating in any sexual activities. I work out in some way 7 days/week, so I am in better shape than my age might imply to you; I play racquetball and ride my road bike with 20 year olds and kick their tails on rides up to 100 miles; 27,000 miles on my current road bike. I can host at my house on 12'x10'x2' thick mats; ask about a specific date if you are interested; maybe we can work something out. My partner will be present if I am wrestling, and he might join in too if you and he are both interested and compatibly sized. He is my height, about 180 lb, 31 y.o., and quite strong.
Gainesville Florida

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