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kyguy2016 Male 60 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Smaller guy looking for a partner (male or female) for erotic wrestling matches. I'm definitely a sub/bottom, so would prefer a Dom/Top. Emphasis is definitely on erotic rather than rough. I would definitely like to find a partner who wanted to do a very intense, erotic match, ending in full conquest/submission. I am VERY keen to find someone with whom i can battle it out cock-Vs-cock, winner (hopefully You) gets full conquest rights. I also enjoy being pinned down in schoolboy pins or full body pins, or being face sat, or being trapped in submission holds while You take advantage of my helplessness. (Trash talking while you do it most welcome). Oral and anal, during and/or after fight with the right person. Willing to discuss Your ideas so our bout can be enjoyable for both of us. If we live close together, maybe we can have regular meetups and wrestling matches.
Louisville Kentucky

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