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white jock. cute face, cut, defined body
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kombat Male 44 Other Wrestling with sex
I'm a friendly, masculine, discreet guy in n. chicago. I have played many sports. currently i just rockclimb and run or lift daily. i'm looking for straight up grappling, role play or submission type sex wrestling with either another muscular,athletic guy to trade holds with or I fantasies about being trapped in long held head scissors holds or have a guy sit on my face , smother and breathcontrol. I probably lean toward being a jobber but i'm aggressive, strong and flexible and not into just lying there i wanna trade holds and fight. I could probably make a lot of you guys give. smooth guys, young guys or asian or black guys are my type but if u have really thick, muscle legs and like to scissor i'll probably be into u regardless of ur age or looks. I travel between chicago and the pacific northwest and i am at least annually in s.e. asia. I choose 'wrestling with sex' from the dropdown but i am totally open to no sex, just wrestling.
San Francisco California

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