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Bodybuilder Muscle Jobber Looking for Saddistic Heels
username sex age sexual seeking
kingpin Male 48 Gay Squash Match
Very muscular guy: 511, 200lb, 47c, 30w,18a, 26Q, 9x6c and versatile with a ripped bod and a mild-to-wild and wicked personality. Bodybuilders, musclefreaks (at least 185lb). Roughplay/sex -wrestling (pro/sub/nhb), dom/sub/2on1/3-somes (fav), leather, and tag-team situations. Send your email address to get a response. LOOKING TO JOB for SADDISTIC HEELS! but can play any role, or just pro-style action with real body punching, ab punishment, chokeouts, etc. etc. MUSCLEDADS to the front of the line. NOT A FULL MEMBER AT MOMENT SO SEND YOUR EMAIL or contact info if you are able. Check out my website link
Toronto Ontario
TheKingPin has a wild match against Bodybuilder/Porn Star Nick Harmon for Fettishunks.net

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