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I am a former H.S. wrestler,
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kiltwrestler Male 54 Gay Wrestling with sex
I am a former H.S. wrestler, and always loved the sport. In college I had to stop because I could not control my hard-ons during matches and felt very uncomfortable about it, but have always loved the feeling of men working hard to put down each other on the mat. The benefit of feeling each other during and after the match is what gets me going. I currently spar a couple times a week at a straight gym with beginners and am always worked up after the sparring, I would love to hook up with someone after a workout and go at it till we both blow. I really want to get back to the mat and and do some erotic wrestling, the sweat and feeling of it is enough to drive me to a pin! and then get pinned myself... who knows lets work out our frustrations on each other in alot of differnt ways. I have not wrestled in a very long time but really want to start it up again and with the bonus of a possible hook up after or during a work out I know I will rememebr all my old moves. I have light brown hair, green eyes, I have a big gut but work out hard 4 times a week my current max bench is 325. I compete in Heavy Athletics (the scottish games) throwing heavy weight for distance, and tossing the caber. Drop me a line lets get on the mat and see where it goes
Bridgewater New Jersey

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