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Looking for intelligent cyber pro heels
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jrg1199 Male 53 Gay Squash Match
Former pro worker who loves to job. Greatly enjoy cyber pro, will gladly take a pro style squashing from a heel any time. I like descriptive style in cyber, detailing the ways that I'm jobbing, suffering and thinking at that moment. Coherent sentences are a turn on. :) Also mostly prefer a pro beatdown, not cyber sex. Semi- erotic physical humiliation can be worked if we're clicking (we can talk about that, it can be very hot), but the wrestling is my primary source of enjoyment. If this fits you, let me know, please! While out of the real pro business now, still want to indulge in the private pro side, particularly with beefy heels who understand that pro-fantasy is not the same as pro-mission. I got banged around enough doing the real thing. In person can job or heel, give-and-take to squash (a personal favorite). Have the gear, looking for other wrestlers to work with who know how to relax and enjoy the pro fantasy scene. Not a submission wrestler though - don't have that competitive edge. Sorry, sub guys! Enjoy working with beginners, don't be shy if you're passing through and want to try (or learn) pro for fun. And don't be afraid to tell me what you want in a match, it's no fun if you don't enjoy it too!
St. Louis Missouri
Read my article in the Huffington Post about being a gay pro wrestler!

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