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Beginner and loved wrestling in the gym
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jocknsinglet Male 70 Gay Relationship
Beginner, wrestled in gym class. Liked the friction, 'incidental contact' (yeah, right)and the workout during and after the match. Also enjoy domination/humiliation esp. in front of guys. Enjoy the erotic feel of singlets, love the idea of getting ripped out of one during a dominating and slow erotic match and like doing that to a guy too. Competition isn't what it's about for me nor am I out to hurt or be hurt. I like the workout and its erotic possibilities. Into rip/strip, 2 on 1, ropes, bondage, first to cum, edgeplay, humiliating holds, (2 or 3 guys watchin, lending a hand optional) cyber, height/weight differences, younger dominating older,etc. Who knows what 2 guys (hm, or more) can get into? It always depends on trust and chemistry. CBT?, bush pulls? First to cum gets penetrated? Good hunting, gents, and thx for the read. I've chatted with many fine men on the site and am grateful to the guys that make that possible. Not a premium member, so drop an e- mail to contact. I'm a 6 year survivor of heart surgery, now having surgery on eyes for cataract. It'll be a while for me to think of doing a match, in the meantime, love checking out the gallery, etc. Enjoy!
Bakersfield California

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