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jobberslave Male 54 Gay Squash Match
Looking to be a jobber to a Heel. Have tons of leather gear as well. Would like to train to be a jobber, put in submission holds, humiliated. Have the heel go for the three count then pull me up by my hair so he can continue to punish and humiliate me. I like matches that involve taking control and forcing the other in submission, at which point the loser (me) would be at the mercy of the winner and be subject to any sort of punishment and humiliation the winner deems appropriate including ballbusting, cbt, nip torture, gut punches, flogging, or any other sort of beat down. Please avoid leaving marks and definitely no blood. Love leather as well and have tons of gear. gear includes: Leather: slave hood, skull cap, head harness w/gag, studded dog collar, biker jacket, vest, armband, gloves, chest harness, full body harness, pants, gloves, shirt, sam browne belt, tie, bar chaps, locking chastity shorts, leather jock, posture collar, steel ring slave collar, neoprene hood. toys: parachute ball stretcher, tit clamps, CB-6000,gas mask, wrist/ankle restraints, dog cage, dog bowls, leash, cockring Uniforms: prison, fighter pilot's flight suit, camo gear, fred perry, MA1, wrestling trunks Boots include: engineer, tall linesman, 20 eye DOCS, 14 eye Rangers,work boots, combat boots, harness boots MASTER/slave relationship, wrestling (jobber), boots, leather, skinhead/punk gear, uniforms.
Maywood New Jersey

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