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My friend with her foot on me after a semi play fight
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jobberboy82 Male 39 Straight Squash Match
I have wrestled around and played a lot in my life, like most people. There have only been 3 times in my whole life though, where i have been completely, without question, 100% dominated, destroyed, and left beaten on the mats. 2 of those times were by the same chick, a woman named Crystal (a pro wrestler). That's the small chick posing over me the 2nd time she destroyed me. She was the first person to show me full on what it meant to be dominated and humiliated. For her, it was not enough to tap you out over and over again. The fight was over when she had rendered your body totally useless, knocked you out, and had a witness take a picture with her posing over her beaten opponent. Her and i had play wrestled before, but that one fateful night, the night she warned me not to ask for, she brought it full force. after it was clear she won, she trampled me for at least 4 to 5 min ( i didn't even know what trampling was at the time). i remember begging her to stop, and asking her why why WHY was she being this way. She finally put me out with a sleeper hold with her legs. When i woke up i was forced to kiss and massage her feet, her socks still sweaty and damn they stunk. i remember looking at her while i massaged her feet. I saw her in a new light starting then. I was simply awe struck. It didn't matter how smelly and sweaty her feet where, i couldn't muster the courage to say no, not after that beating. i was speechless the rest of the night. The 2nd time was from a guy named T. He was 18 at the time. We had to run 3 to 4 miles before rolling in the ring that day, and i had not eaten all day. After the run i was incredibly shaky and weak, and T just destroyed me in from of everybody. Body punches, kicks to the face and body. He had time to even be artistic with his kicks. Every one landed and it was clear he was having fun. He put his foot on my chest at the end of the fight, even though he got yelled at for it. it was so humiliating, and i stopped going soon after. This, for some reason, is an indescribable feeling. I want to see what that is like again, and it seems that every other chick i roll with, save for 1, i have to let win. I DO NOT let you win if your a guy. If you do win, then you know when your looking down on me, that you won. Lets get this experiment rolling. .
Chattanooga Tennessee

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