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jimmyelijah Male 37 Gay Practicing Holds
Big tall thick wrestler looking for guys into erotic wrestling, dating, and open to relationships. (Libra / ENTJ if that means anything) After 16 years of underground erotic wrestling, I've made it a point to dial back because accepting every challenge wasn't fulfilling for me. As you mature, your schedule gets more complicated and you have to prioritize your time. I've discovered I love to work (a lot), cook, eat, drink, 420, and wrestle. I don't vacation a lot because I do that of which I enjoy on a very regular basis. Wrestling is one of the greats forms of male bonding. I'm looking for gay/bi guys who are comfortable with their sexuality and are open to exploring the erotic side. I used to do a lot of group training & pro wrestling in a ring with some great fellas from around the US. Fortunate for the great connections from wrestling albeit professional or friendship. Respect and discretion are key. I have a core group of guys I've been fortunate to bond with and call wrestling brothers whom we keep ourselves busy and wrestling. And let me tell you, these are some of the hottest NSFW matches I've ever had. Now just interested in light sub erotic (LSEW). Pretty much versatile. Can sub or dom, heel or job, but that's where the light submission comes into play. If other wrestlers ask me who are flakes, I will be 100% real.
Los Angeles California

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