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upto 170lbs for comp matches. small jobbers are welcome :P
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jimmycoco Male 49 Gay Workout Buddy
looking for hot guys around my size, or smaller (I will go upto 170lbs). my age and lower (no exceptions to this). competitive subs, pro, give n take/exchanging holds, jobber/heel (i'm a heel) or erotic, with other smooth guys (sorry, but i'm not into hairy guys. I prefer to feel smooth bod against smooth bod). sorry for seeming a bit strict, but i'm not a guy who can wrestle anyone. there has to be some spark between the other guy and me. happy to chat and make new wrestling mates. especially if distance may prevent meeting up for real. happy to go on cam to prove who I am. I expect the same (this protects both guys. so there won't be any disappointments if we want to meet). outside chance of me returning to Toronto in 2014. happy wrestling to all! peace jimmy (nb- if you don't match my preferences I won't respond to messages. none of us has to justify why we do, or don't want to chat/meet-up with any individual)
Rotherham United Kingdom

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