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jimmybear Male 67 Gay Wrestling with sex
6 220, 64.. masc, hairy, beefy, built dad wrestler..have huge mat room. Have a ton of experince and live in LA area, near LAX Airport and beach,but travel often. Lets work up a good HOT SLOW sweat!!! Love to wrestle and have FUN with it. Open to all styles of wrestling..have wrestled for 30 years and want to have safe sweaty hot fun.Glad to train beginners... everything from horseplay, pro fantasy to heavy, sweaty, hot wrestling to hot erotic contact.WILL BE IN CHICAGO, ATLANTA, RENO, BOZEMAN,SALT LAKE CITY , NYC, DENVER, ETC. in 2019-2020..Enjoy beginners to advanced.... a big friendly built beefy HEEL....lets rassle!!!.
Culver City California

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