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26 year old into roleplay and grappling.
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jasisin Male 39 Gay Training Others
hey men i am interested in training wiht someone to get my body to peak physical condition. already am working out4 days a week doing a military style boot camp for two hours, go on long rides cycling on the weekend, and have an active life year round. if you are an expert on how to get to that next level of fitness, i wanna glean from you. am open to work out buddies, trainers who are in it for the pleasure of helping someone achieve a great feat (i might pay for the right trainer, i have one now, who is great, but am open for a new one potentially.) and i also am looking for fun: scrapping around, on a mat or a bed, and i can go much much further. basically am looking for the type of guy who wants to help mold a younger man. that is the relationship dynamic that gets me excited!
Austin Texas

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