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jacquesLutteur Male 57 Gay Wrestling with sex
There's nothing quite like two men [or more] who get off on the male bonding, sweat, and muscle-to-muscle struggle of a good grapple/rassle/wrestling match. I like all kinds of wrestling. Prefer grappling/sub wrestling, had some MMA training, enjoy competition. Oil, rip/strip, stakes (all kinds), exchange/practice moves and holds, horseplay, some pro, and foolin' around for grins and giggles is cool. I like guys that fight back - Whether full-on submission grappling or roleplay, the alpha male struggle is a bigtime turn-on for me. I am always looking for opponents who like the same. Erotic with the right guy(s)/chemistry. Frot, nip play, safe sex only; safe/sane, boundaries respected. * Love all comers/cummers, but LOVE furry guys, the hairier the better. Am so myself. * Nonsmoking, prefer the same. (Allergic). * No scent/fragrance - cologne, deodorant, etc. (Causes extreme allergic and toxic reaction.) * Start clean, work up a sweat. I love the real scent of a man. * Wish I could travel, but not feasible - for now. * Unfortunately, no mats/space where I am at. Would have to deal with a hotel and make do. Let me know if you're ever in/close to Tulsa, OK, USA. * 2nd moderna Covid vax 2/8/21
Tulsa Oklahoma

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