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j60yomuscle Male 68 Bisexual Muscle Worship
Mid 60s male with strong power lifter build. Big arms, big chest, big trunk, big legs. I like to dominate. Like to trade holds on each other, see who can break out and who can't. Then maybe a little muscle flexing and comparing. Interested in musculature of men and women, arm wrestling, wrestling, muscle worship/roleplay. Sensual muscle worship as foreplay. Prefer imaginative guys who can get into playing the role of a muscle worshipper. Love to play scenes where I rescue you from a muscle jerk, and you repay me with muscle worship. I like to voice chat/roleplay about muscle. I like it more subtle and sensual. Love to hear you say, 'Damn, you're strong...' Or maybe you just want to snuggle up next a strong muscleman.... :-) Face pic and more intimate details on request..
Farmington Hills Michigan

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