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Erotic wrestling, cockfights, and frot - all for fun
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itsforfun Male 73 Bisexual Open to all
Easy-going professional guy looking for in-shape guys for safe, friendly sessions. I'm 5'6', 140 lbs, 29 waist, in shape and trim. I now have titanium implants in my shoulders, which means I can't do any 'real' or competitive wrestling any more; an implant could get dislodged during rough wrestling. However, I'm good for erotic or play wrestling, and especially frottage and cockfights. I love frottage: long, slow, sensual rubbing and grinding while we entwine our legs, pressing bod against bod, chest against chest, grinding cock against cock in speedos, briefs, jocks, or nude. Or, if you prefer, more aggressive cockfights: I love the tension as we meet up, strip down, stand bod to bod, circling, sizing each other up, chest to chest, cock to cock. There’s nothing hotter than two men facing each other, hardons at full mast, ready to rip into each other for man-on-man cockfight fun. It can be more or less aggressive, more or less sensual, depending on the chemistry, but there’s nothing like the combination of athletic prowess, erotic energy, and the struggle for domination in cockfights, first-to-cum, frottage, and frot play. I also love long, slow erotic rolling around, messing around, and having fun! No winning or losing; it’s about having fun! Nothing to prove, no pain or injuries. I have space at home in San Diego, and I travel to LA, SF, KC, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto, and Boston. Stats: 5'6', 140 lbs. 29 waist, HIV-, DDF, Non-smoker.
San Diego California

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