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It has been forever since I
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icedwrest Male 33 Gay Wrestling with sex
It has been forever since I updated my description so here we go. I am originally from Brazil, and I have been living in Canada since 2013. My current status: 27 yo, 63 kg, 169 cm. In wrestling, I am mostly interested in the role of a jobber. I like many different forms of domination, and wrestling just happens to be one of them. I wish I had more experience, so I could offer a real challenge once in a while, but unfortunately I do not have consistent, regular wrestling mates to learn. As a jobber, I like to be completely dominated, punished and tortured, particularly when my opponent has immobilised me in such a way that I have no other option but to take it. My favourite moves are sleeper hold and fig4-headscissors. I love the idea of being choked by these moves, and stay helpless and immobilised for a long time, while the heel toys with me, relaxing and tightening the hold, abusing me at the same time. Other moves are welcome as well, but I like a slow fight, where the holds are prolonged to make me weaker and to make me suffer. I also like the idea of starting the fight with clothes and then taking them off. That way, clothes can be used to tie hands or for chokes. The more imaginative a heel is, the better. I also love trash talk. For me, the humiliation and the trash talk is actually much more important than the pain of a hold. It is the feeling of being dominated and humiliated, and not so much the pain, that turns me on. Another fantasy of mine: I like when the opponent keeps me locked into a hold even after I give up. Sex may or may not happen; that will depend on the particular person, though it is appealing when thought as part of the domination game. Also, if you see me on chat and I do not reply, I often just leave it open and completely forget about it, especially because I rarely start a conversation myself unless I already spoke to you before. There you go, I think this profile looks slightly better now. ;)
Toronto Ontario

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