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Gymguy available for Domination wrestling
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hunk71fi Male 48 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Thanks for checking my profile here. I am a gym guy into pro and submission wrestling. There is nothing more hot than a challenge from a smaller, feisty and cocky jobber who think he can take down a muscle guy.. little do they know what is expecting them! I have a mat room at home with professional wrestling mats and mat cover. Check my locations for travel dates or come for a visit. I can accommodate a wrestling weekend with training holds and matches. Check out my recommendations or ask for more from my past opponents. I also have a wrestling blog with phoyos and videos of past matches - ask for link or check below if you are a supporting member. Bottom line is both guys enjoy the man vs man action and nobody gets hurt or injured. I have alot of wrestling gear and I wrestle mostly in a singlet, bodybuilder posing briefs and jockstraps. I also have pro wrestling boots and Greco-Roman wrestling shoes.
Turku Finland

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