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Just started getting into live action
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histakes Male 46 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Just started getting into live action - had some good starter matches - mostly multiple submission contests. Prefer primarily just physical encounters at first - no stakes until a comfort level is reached. Then, love matches when each sub results in escalating stakes - no pain or injury desired but real submissions a must. Also love a good cyber match, working a good backstory to turn up the heat. Interested in a competitive contest with clear submissions but still sane. Intimidation & smack talk during the match a must. The thrill of trying to avoid being on the receiving end of a loss is what is getting my competitive juices flowing. Don't want a squash job in either way. Have also started to get into gut punching exchanges - alternating shots until one can't continue (and maybe receiving a few more after that as a punishment). Not a premium member.
Tustin California

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