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I am the Japanese who is interested in erotic wrestling When the loser of the wrestling has an erotic punishment game, it is interesting. If underwear is stripped off as punishment as for the loser on a ring when I lose a game, and the rule that must display the complete nudity of a shameful loser is to the audience, I follow it. When the loser wants to play a game with the winner for revenge again, there is the rule that must fight against the winner of the uniform wearing with only a loser being naked. Because a naked challenger cannot cover the sexual organs which erected from the eyes of the audience when the skill such as 'CeilHold' or 'BackBreaker' was taken, it may be for the shyness torture show that a challenger is blamed as for the revenge game one-sidedly. The punishment game when a challenger lost a revenge game again becomes more radical. It is defenseless, and, as for the challenger who lost again, the hands and feet of the loser are restricted as complete nudity in public and, as for the pubic hairs of the loser are shaved, and the graffiti humiliating on the naked body of the loser is written by the winner, and the figure that the loser is ashamed is photographed. I participate in a wrestling meet with such a radical punishment game, and I am ready to receive the punishment game that all is ashamed when I lose. I began to write a blog.
Tokio Japan

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