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heel2you Male 60 Other Brit pro wrestling/Pro wrestling
Old School fan seeking to meet up and wrestle others with same interest.Into pro gear guys and matches so not so much compeditive-but can get into pro-sub mix too..long sweaty multiple falls..back and forth action... as an older heel breaking younger guys-or other scenarios-slowly wearing a guy down in punishing holds- happy to job-having fun is key ..Enjoy dirty tactics and trash talking and a ruff edge if agreed-but always safe and sane.Erotic is always a plus . Learning and getting it right-improving skills is what I like. .(If you have ring access jump to front of the line!).Key words;sweat,chemistry, body contact,,long holds.Love pro gear and men who wear it-but happy to wrestle barefoot in trunks, speedo's or jocks.
Sarnia Ontario

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