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headscissorme Male 65 Other Play wrestling
I'm a nice, quiet English gentleman seeking to be clamped in long-held scissors, especially headscissors variations, by smooth, safe, sane young guys. 'Preppy' types - ideal! You'll squeeze just tight enough to stop me getting out: but nothing too wild. We'll both remain fully clothed: nothing more intimate envisaged. If you can wear shorts (cotton chino/cargo/white tennis) as you headscissor me, you'll have a very happy bunny (bear!). I think you'll find me polite, considerate and reliable. I always respond to messages as promptly as I can and would invite you to do the same, even if it's a polite 'no thanks'. I enjoy e-mail chat and if we plan a meeting would hope to exchange a few messages beforehand so we both know what is expected. At that stage, of course, I'll send you a face picture. I can travel, especially within UK and Europe. I also travel occasionally to USA East Coast. My public photo shows my own legs ready to scissor you: if you'd like me to give it a go I'll be happy to oblige but I'm mostly interested in offering up my own head for a nice, tight scissoring, please. Edward from the UK
Kent United Kingdom

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