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Let's trade sexy scissor holds!!
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hdscizzorman Male 63 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Ok guys, as I've been growing older I'm taking new sexual/erotic chances. I always felt like I was straight but thanks to a few guys who helped me realize my inner desires I'm definitely bisexual but with a bit of a twist (feel free to ask.) Yes, I still have fantasies about wrestling cute girls, but I've realized that hot male on male FANTASY/EROTIC wrestling is just as fulfilling .... with the right person. I've got my limitations but if we hit it off I'm willing to experiment. I'm mostly interested in meeting guys near me in the Phoenix, AZ area who are interested in the fantasy side of wrestling with a strong emphasis on head scissor holds and erotic touching/rubbing/fondling. I love switching roles in my matches so if you want me to ONLY dominate you then look elsewhere. If you want to have some body to body role play wrestling fun with lots of erotic overtones, pretend knockouts, long held holds, back and forth action, crotch fondling, head scissoring (a MUST!), and face sitting action... in a nice erotic way then let's chat! I'm flattered by the messages and 'likes' from guys all over the world but I'm more interested in local guys for meeting. Hit me up if you wanna chat.
Phoenix Arizona

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