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Freestyle or submission wrestling?
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hashbock Male 62 Gay Submission Wrestling
I'm most interested in finding opportunities to learn/improve freestyle/folkstyle skills, but am experienced at doing submission wrestling and enjoy it. I'm not interested in the pro scene or cyber or phone or webcam or photo exchanges. All of the 100 or so wrestlers listed under buddies/favorites are people I've wrestled and/or met in person. Feel free to ask any of them about me. Please be aware that I don't visit this site as often as many people do; if I don't get back to you for a few days, it's probably because I haven't logged on. Remember that you can see when people last logged in. If I haven't logged on since you sent a message, I haven't seen it yet. Be patient. If you're somebody who I've given my e-mail to, then that's a much better way of assuring that you get a quick response.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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