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Hard, horny and ready to hurt you...
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hardfighter79 Male 40 Bisexual Boxing with sex
Horny gym-fit Scottish lad into boxing, shiny gear and all the other kink that comes with it. Massive sexual appetite - new to this site to hoping to use it to explore some of my fantasies - firstly online but then, if the chemistry is right, in real life for sure. Be aware that I'm new and am not going to rush into anything risky - before we fight I want to get to know you, Skype with you and get to trust you... and then the fun REALLY begins, right? Only just started boxing training but could give anyone a good hard match. Would like to take up Muay Thai at some point too, I find that incredibly kinky. Big into Skype chats - mainly voice at first, not a huge cam fan - dirty chat and anything that gets us both hard and wet. ** NB I'M NOT REALLY A WRESTLER SO NOT INTO ANYTHING TECHNICAL - BUT HAPPY TO HAVE FUN IN SHINY BOXING GEAR **
Edinburgh United Kingdom

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