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tattooed shaved headed 34yr fella in manchester uk
username sex age sexual seeking
growlwoof Male 43 Gay Wrestling with sex
stocky tattooed gay guy looking for PLAY wrestle .im NOT looking for aggresive fighting or pro wrestling .. and GAY or Bi men ONLY ..as i play for sex not for fights .. im 6ft2 and 16 stone ... like the singlets and speedos.. but dont know all that much about wrestling . im a big strong fella who always has my strength tested as soon as i get close with a bloke .. so looking for sum fun with straight acting fellas.. non camp men only not in to huge fellas .. not in to pain or tough fighting.. i know nothing about wrestling or any holds so someone to show me would be cool .. im looking more for sexual fun with the tumble..
manchester United Kingdom
Salford United Kingdom

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