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Learning the likes of how to rollllll
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growin_dude Male 37 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
Recently took on bodybuilding, training to get huger to take on the bigger pros ! Currently learning BJJ(haven't got to train in a real gym yet!) and looking forward to train and have fun Rollin'. Big on strength tests, nothin like showing off for my size... Looking to learn and practice holds ... Cool with sub wrestling and looking forward to taking on guys with cannons bigger than my gunz. Hit me up for a match with a face and all! Traveling thru the south island at the moment, will put more pics up soon. Ps : guess my camera diggs me, gunzz are running at slightly under 15', so kudos to it for making look bigger! Apologies if I miss any chats, trying to keep up but the time zone diffs and I screw up leaving the chat on! Thats me in a grey vs. Hard4you. Awesome fella, fun, very quick and strong ! The match after was with another fun big boi who managed to get that face pin on me, dang! Rematch! Sorry guys, this is just to deal with the occasional mean buck.
New York New York
Singapore Singapore

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