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Experienced and REAL
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grappling_hooked Male 55 Other Submission Wrestling
Untrained but experienced wrestler looking for REAL submission/erotic matches only -- no cam2cam, cyber or phone. Nudity and erotic holds YES, affection / intercourse NO. Oral negotiable. Prefer around my size (within 20#) but open to a bit larger if you're in good shape, know your holds and have the right attitude (i.e. heel). Scissors, nelsons, grapevines, claws, bearhugs, facesitting, frottage, forced milking and more. Tough jobber here who fights back hard. Please, no jobbers. I match best with heels or those into competitive, erotic matches. Also very much into taping matches for private enjoyment only. Think you can dominate me? Love to see you try.
Martinez California

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