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Wrestle for beer
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grapplemedown Male 47 Other Submission Wrestling
Enjoy submission wrestling. Love to learn. Enjoy heavy body contact and the full body workout. Nothing too crazy. No hospital visits please. :) It would be nice to meet people who I could maybe meet to submission wrestle or grapple for fun. Nothing to serious, yet competitive. I need to be able to trust you not to injure me and vice-versa. So if I don't accept right away perhaps that might be the reason. I'm an easy going guy. While I usually get along with most people, I like people who are good-natured and tend to get along better with others who are also more easy going and don't take things quite so seriously. That's not to be confused with being a responsible individual. If you are nearby hit me up and maybe can get a workout...have an extra can of whoop ass around here somewhere just for you. Ideally would be great to find someone for regular matches. Just love the exercise.
Phoenix Arizona

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