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Hit me - I'll hit ya back
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gp773 Male 53 Gay Gut punching
gut punching, stomping, trampling, elbows, kicks, foreign objects (can be creative) ... wrestling w/ lots of gut and back work ... cyber is cool sometimes with like-minded guys age preferences not written in stone ... 50/50 kinda guy here ... big muscled guys (fur preferred) step up if you're looking for a pain-abosrbing jobber, but always on the lookout for that smaller, shorter jobber who I can workover good and hard. came of age in the heyday of the jobber during the 80s, where the experienced heel squashed and worked over the up/coming younger guy ... fav was Saturday afternoons watching NWA/WCW on TBS (Arn Anderson sent my teenage hormones wild) ... enjoy matches that help recreate that.
Chicago Illinois

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