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gargieuxFL Male 53 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Ok time to make some changes... After driving this weekend 4 hours to Tampa to incorporate a match in my plans I receive a text from the guy telling me he is changing plans that would have added an hour to my driving time and went from using a ring to some 3rd parties apartment (some guy I have had NO contact with). What makes anyone think this is ok? Like fit guys for sane sub to rough pro/horseplay matches, esp like promission matches; rough but sane. Can get into jobber/heel matches as well. I can like either role but do like a rugged exchange. I am 6'1 180# ( lost a lot this year...will build up a little more but, not going back above 205) 33w 48c 16a Living near West Palm Beach in Sunny Florida. I wrestle who I want to these days; whom I think would be a fun and good match, if that makes me fussy so be it, there are those who feel the same towards me and that is just the way it is, I accept it as should we all. Please if you are going to contact me communicate... not just dude, I am gonna be in your area (someday) or .. wanna wrestle (6,000 miles away). I am not disparaging of a good chat, just use some intelligence.
Lake Worth Florida

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