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Gamer longhair seeking wrestling friends and a variety of jobber/heel scenes.
username sex age sexual seeking
gamersduo Male 35 Gay Squash Match
Alright, I haven't updated in a while, so here goes. Laid back, nerdy guy... some experience sub, some pro... i'm an expert at neither. I have a preference for slim/average/athletic guys my age and older but that's not set in stone. I tend to be a jobber, but I also enjoy an ego-free man-to-man struggle whether it's semi-competitive match or roleplay/fantasy. Let's talk match structure and interests; maybe we'll hit it off and we can meet! Always welcoming to wrestle with Louisiana visitors (no mats yet, but spare room). Travel some: Texas, Thailand, Japan, but I don't know any upcoming dates right now.
Baton Rouge Louisiana

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