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funwrestle1 Male 43 Gay Wrestling, no sex
Slim, fit(ish) lightweight here who loves the body contact of a wrestling contest - mostly into give n take (which can get competitive still) bouts but not adverse to trying something new now and again! Much prefer submissions to pins and love any form of leg lock, boston, camels etc rather than sleepers/chokes to finish off an opponent! Totally respect all limits - i would never do something to someone in a bout that i wouldn't want done to myself. I may not be the best most technical wrestler on the site but i enjoy it and try my best which is all you can ask of anyone. Love chatting about holds and so on and although i don't travel much I do occasionally get around the UK and try to put any plans on my profile well in advance just in case someone fancies a bout! Due to a change of circumstances I can't host at all for the time being but happy to travel locally.
Glasgow United Kingdom

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