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fun2wrestle1 Male 44 Straight Submission Wrestling
Wrestling is the greatest sport! I'm a straight guy who enjoys wrestling for the challenge of competitive excitement and the erotic aspects. Always safe, sane and fun. I like to keep in good shape and work out usually 4x a week. Age is not important to me at all, and I look forward to wrestling with guys older or younger than myself and close to my size. Submission and pin matches where we start out at 50% power and build up from there to where we can have an exciting, safe challenge against each other. If our fight takes an erotic turn and we are both into it, that's cool. Good evenly matched wrestling, in and out of tight holds turns me on, frottage, and I'd be open to wrestling nude, in oil, and cockfighting. I'm more into just grappling/wrestling than gutpunching, but I'm ok with some. Look forward to making some new friends and having fun.
Miami Beach Florida

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