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Catch lutte combat Pro wrestling lucha libre erotic with gay bi or str8 wrestlers. Access to a pro ring in spring summer
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frenchprowrstler Male 57 Gay Wrestling with sex
'looking for muscled wrestlers for pro style wrestling or sweating erotic bouts in pro style but I'm open to almost any style. Love pro gear (trunks and boots)and nipples work during erotic pro style match in pro gear. Sex is not compulsory. Send pics. Very good wrestling club in Paris where you can train: Paris Lutte Paris Wrestling Club. Je cherche mecs cultos ou tres muscles pour combats de catch ou de lutte en tenue (nu possible) oubdes mecs moins musclés mais très motivés catch. Adore travail tetons pendant combat et regarder videos de catch. Je cherche aussi des videos et des photos de catchh. Un bon club de lutte à Paris: Paris Lutte Paris Wrestling Club. I am fine after what happened on november 13th of 2015 in Paris.
Paris France

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