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Looking for kickboxing, karate or taekwondo, spar and fun - I only have a free membership,
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francknord Male 41 Other Workout Buddy
Hi, I only have free membership, can't answer mail but leave me a mail adress, adress or anything so, thanks :) - Looking for good trainings, technical exchanges and sparring, in a competitive and friendly spirit in kickboxing style; I have 10 years of experience in karate, taekwondo and kickboxing; as I am always polite and respectful of others, I expect as much in front // Recherche bons entraînements et échanges techniques sympas, avec esprit respectueux, en pieds poings; 10 ans de pratique en karaté, taekwondo et boxe américaine; toujours poli et respectueux des autres, j'en attends autant en face, les mythos non merci
Lille France

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