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Im seeking someone about my size
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figure4hold123 Male 53 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Im seeking someone about my size who's clean discreet and seeking a ongoing friendship where we meet for fun erotic wrestling matches that leave both of us spent. Im new to this but would love to find a friend that I could feel very safe and comfortable with and both shower up and put on our speedos and meet on the mats or in the ring for lightly competative highly sexual wrestling matches. Im very into erotic oil wrestling , love it , but find mat wrestling and ring wrestling just as exciting to. Would be great to slip through the ropes of a pro wrestling ring with my wrestling partner, both attired in pro gear ready for some wild fun, as long as its safe and sane, nobody gets hurt, maybe just worked over a little leaving the canvas with a few wet spots, from mutal fun.DING DING Im not into people who take it to serious and think it all about hurting the other, im seeking a partner into fun erotic, sexual wrestling and open to new ideas also. DING DING<
Dothan Alabama
Gladstone Michigan

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