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fightboi Male 51 Gay Fighting with sex
Into nude submission grappling and fighting. Love aggressive hard fought bouts win or lose that are still totally friendly. Like it rough without anything getting broken. Everything from submission grappling to no-holds-barred fighting. Totally into submitting an opponent with holds and blows, standing or on the ground. But don't mind losing a good, competitive, hard fought bout either. Chokes, strangles, key locks, arm bars, ankle locks, heel hooks, punching, kicking, knees, elbows, head butts, throws, testicle grabs, low blows, fish hooks, hair grabs etc. Love ground 'n pound. Love pounding on an opponent standing and on the ground and then going for rear naked choke to finish him off. Totally into cock and ball torture. Love bouts where your opponent immediately goes for your genitals with holds and blows. Not that much into gear - prefer nude with cock ring, mouth guard, have grappling gloves but prefer bare fists. Love the feel of your bare knuckles sinking into an opponent's body. Bouts can get erotic but like to keep it mainly fighting, though will fuck a downed opponent if it's in the rules. Six inch cock, nice shape, cut, perfect size for penetrating an opponent. All negotiable and usually let opponent set the rules. Cock hard, wet, dripping through bouts. Best bouts are drenched in cum and sweat. Get extremely hard exchanging blows. Love most forms of man to man unarmed combat but especially minimal rules, nude. Have always had a fascination for pankration as fought by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Gay, straight, bi is all very cool. 'Buddies' I've all fought.
Toronto Ontario

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