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fig42007 Male 39 Gay Squash Match
**Heading to P-Town for the 4th. Will have a hotel room in Boston Friday June 30th, looking to host matches before heading to PTown on July 1st** Into Sub Pro Here, competitive into a legit one-sided squash is cool with me. Don't mind being a jobber, but it's gotta be real. Sleepers, Chokes, Camels all awesome to complete fatigue, then it really starts. Body punches and relentless control/abuse, I am in. Definitely like actual, methodical brawling, not rolling around. 6'2, 190lbs here. Solid Athlete, be around my size at least (5'10, 170lbs and up…) Have a house in Hollywood, mats and can host. Let's do this!
Los Angeles California

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