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fabian Male 39 Straight Squash Match
I am currently not traveling, hosting or wrestling anyone besides close friends, though that may change soon and if we chat enough, who knows. I'm needing some change. I love cyber matches, so if we don't meet, I'm okay with chatting online or even on cam if the mood is right. I'm a jobber, not looking to dominate, but I don't mind some back and forth as long as I know the odds are against me. In real wrestling I can try to beat you, but I like the odds being against me. If you are also a jobber, we can be friends but I don't have any interest in wrestling you. I'm not into the jobbers wanting another jobber to beat them. I'm not against me dishing out some of the punishment. I like long squash matches or matches where I'm against bigger and/or meaner opponents. My favorites opponents are older guys, they usually know what they're doing, but I'm not against younger guys in cyber if he's got what it takes. I'm straight but open minded and yeah, I get turned on by getting dominated by men or women. I'm used to hearing: 'How can you be straight but get turned on by wrestling men?' Fair question, but I think we can all agree it's not so black and white as that. Besides, it's not so much of a 'I wanna have sex with you' turn on as a primal, masculine need that drives all men to wrestle, I guess. I'm fine with chatting with anyone, but that doesn't mean I'm always interested in meeting up. And don't ever try to manipulate me or make me feel obligated. If I say I'll meet up I will and if I can't, I'll give you fair warning, and will expect the same courtesy. But no means no and if you try to get too pushy after I've made it clear I'm not interested I'll just block you. I can't stand drama and I don't owe you just because we had a nice chat, lol. Turn ons include but not limited to: Size difference Domination Nipple torture muscles rugged men older men red necks Bear types trash talk Turn offs: Drama Too much emotional attachment personal attacks (trash talk is fine. I like being degraded a bit) Talking about family...yours or mine.
Blountville Tennessee

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