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evilfighter Male 39 Gay Wrestling with sex
I'm evilfighter on Meetfghter. Write me there. The perfect wrestling match lasts the entire weekend: hours and hours of applied and reapplied and reapplied and again applied painful holds, exciting claustrophobic superheroes situation and continuous body to body contact, multiple orgasms. 💦 Once the door is locked, start shaking and hoping you can take all nasty holds I'm saving for you like a real stud! 😩 Sweat, insults and tons of sexual contacts. 😋 I can accommodate and have pro mats. I don't care too much about age, body shape, height and other measures: if we fit together, that's it. So don't be shy, click the message button and write me if you want to arrange a hot live match, even if you have zero experiences, I'll teach you the first lesson. Evilfighter is more than ready to beat you physically, mentally and sexually!
Trieste Italy

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