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evenproperty Male 39 Bisexual Wrestling, no sex
I am looking for wrestling matches in central Illinois. I wrestled in highschool for four years and have had some ju jutsu/mma experience. I am looking for submission wrestling or freestyle pin wrestling. I am up for pro wrestling but would like to be the jobber. I love to be stretched, held, slapped, made to do things and would even consider being tied up with the right person. Erotic or oil wrestling sounds interesting and am willing to explore. I am up for stakes and humiliation after the match or submissions. This could include light cock stomping, humiliation of some sort, or pleasure for the winner. I am not interested in anal but enjoy toying. I am disease free and intend to stay that way. I look forward to wrestling those looking for a good workout with some pleasure mixed in. Let the winner stand tall and the loose lay exausted and exposed with the winners balls between their lips.
Peoria Illinois

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