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Lick and suck on these, bitch.
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eroticftwrslr Male 52 Bisexual Submission Wrestling
My wrestling styles are erotic, oil, submission, rough, bondage and tests of strength with closely matched opponents, femmes or other submissive bitches (cross-dressing wrestling catfight anyone?); clean shaven smooth bodied *only*, i.e. no bears, no facial hair and prefer hair on top of your head to be long enough to pull on (mine is) -- if you're 100% masculine, we're not a match. If you're not within 2 inches in height and/or 20 lbs in weight, we're probably not a match in my book. Masculine acting in public is okay but preferable you be a bitch in bed... I am (Dominant or Submissive pretty much is determined if I win or lose). Usually, after every submission, the loser is forced to lick the winner's feet and suck on the winner's toes (& in the event of a draw, too bad, both bitches have to service each other's feet simultaneously) but it's not set in stone. No anal anything unless the chemistry is off the charts. Sexfighting if the chemistry is right but in the beginning strictly erotic struggles. Not interested in becoming friends or lovers, what I do crave is an equal enemy that hates me as much as I hate them and lusts for me as much as I lust for them. Intimate Enemies = both rivals are filled with 3 parts lust and one part hatred. Not a Premium member so include your e-mail or chat w/me or e-mail if you meet the criteria and like what I've described. Remember, looking to be so closely matched as to be perfectly matched -- a duel of equals. Otherwise, there's no point in us wasting each other's time.
Dunedin Florida

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