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enesco7890 Male 72 Bisexual Play wrestling
I’m in West Los Angeles and would be interested in meeting someone (medium weight, around 18-25 y.o., 5’7” or preferably closer to 6 ft. tall, str8 or bisexual) who could try doing slow scissor holds or any kind of headlocks! Doesn't matter if the person has only little wrestling experience, although it would be nice if in the past he's seen videos of typical pro-wrestling from several decades ago. I just like to imagine I'm helpless and am the 'victim'! I’m very honest and trustworthy and friendly, but a bit shy (with new friends). Would like to see a sample photo first since the face is extremely important to me. I don’t really like someone’s muscles to be very defined or built up.... just the normal amount of body fat. I'm 68 y.o. and am not in good shape physically. I'd be more than happy to reciprocate, as much as I can afford --- in case someone might want to earn some extra money occasionally, like around $100 per hour or more. I wouldn't mind if the person even talked to a friend at the same time or did internet work! Not interested in sex. Can’t travel outside the L.A. area. My main interests are classical music, politics, chess, tennis, golf, English usage (I enjoy teaching foreign students). Thanks.
Los Angeles California

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