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Boxing--Fighting--Bring It!
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dubblejab Male 59 Gay Boxing, no sex
Looking for in-shape guys to box. Boxing has always been an incredible turn-on for me. Some formal training here (training now), but not more than an advanced beginner. Willing to go as hard and intense as my opponent wants. Also willing to go light and very easy for the right person who wants to try sparring. I’m tough, but trustworthy. Like a Boy Scout gone bad. (Merit Badge in violence ;-) As for wrestling, will wrestle for fun, will wrestle with striking. A tough improviser, but no training, so I can be easily beaten by guys with real skills. Sleeper holds have always had a lot of appeal. Can’t host, but can travel within a reasonable distance. 6’0”, 184 lbs. Pics taken 9/13 and 12/13. Hit me up!
Brewster New York

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