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docsan-1 Male 71 Bisexual Wrestling with sex
Reaching out to members who are not an exact match. I expect that they have the wisdom to realize we all approach the mat/ring with different strengths and abilities. I am not so much concerned with winning or dominating my opponents; rather, I seek to help them and myself assert what control we are capable of and enjoy the conquest with grace or accept the loss with humility. Looking to get in better shape; become more proficient in wrestling; provide my opponents a good match; and, engage in challenges to my manhood. I expect to continue to gain in strength while continuing my purposeful loss of weight. Currently my C 43' and W 40' Arm length 36' Bicep 15' I am a non smoker, seldom drink alcoholic beverages; and enjoy the company of my opponents' sharing as it relates to holds, conversational gambits, and life experiences. If you like ice cream, you've met a fellow indulger. Though winning matches is not my goal, I expect you are going to be surprised by my capabilities in all aspects of a match and the common aftermaths. Bring it if you have the wherewithal and adventure to find out. Be advised, of course, I respect all my opponents and have the wisdom to not discount their abilities.
Reno Nevada

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